Meredith Voller’s request is a whole Lot of nonsense

by Tom West

Pittsboro, NC – This is in response to “Randy Voller’s sister wants a Pittsboro park named after their dad” story that appeared in the Chatham Journal on July 7.

As someone pointed out in the Chatham Online bulletin board, Pittsboro would have been fine with or without Lot Voller.

It is interesting to note that Randy Voller’s sister, Meredith lives on a road named after her brother (21 Randolph Court) near roads named after her sister-in-law (Lesley Court) and herself (Meredith Court).

Randy Voller is a small-time developer (with unpaid tax problems) who was funded by his father. Why didn’t Randy think enough of his father while Lot was alive to name one of the streets in his development after his dad? (Lot Court? Lot Lane? Lot Street?)

Why do the taxpayers of Pittsboro have to name one of their public parks after a man who lived in the town for less than 17 years? And the reason given is that Lot walked his precious dog “Sugar” in that park?

Wonder how the Mary Hayes Barber Holmes family feels about the suggestion that a park be named for Randy Voller’s dad?
Gary Indiana postcard
By the way, according to Lot’s Voller’s obituary, “In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made for “Lot Voller” to The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana, 6100 Melton Road, Gary, IN 46403.”  If Lot REALLY loved Pittsboro so VERY much why did his family go with an out-of-state charity located in Indiana? What? Lot didn’t love Pittsboro ENOUGH to designate a local charity?

Here’s a suggestion; instead of Pittsboro, maybe Gary, Indiana can name a park after Lot?

Just sayin’.