Duke Energy powers liberals’ causes too

by Taylor Kish

Pittsboro, NC – So you want to beat on Duke Energy as some big, evil corporation which does not care about anything but profits at our expense? What drivel.

Duke Energy and every other power company in the United States are highly regulated public utilities. They are operated and worked by our neighbors. When you say mean hateful things about our neighbors it hurts us all.

Occupy Winston-SalemDuke Energy handled and managed their coal ash according to EPA and state mandates. Duke Energy handles and manages their nuclear components according to EPA and state mandates.  Their is no smoke-filled room where evil corporate robber barons make deals that kill citizens. That is socialist democrat nonsense to divide us and keep us donating to socialist causes.

And all that government regulation did not stop coal ash from leaking into the Dan River. That is ineffective government. But now we have to add new regulations so coal ash does not leak into the Dan River AGAIN. Woop dee doo.

Do you know how much of our electric bill goes to paying for federal and state regulations? Do you realize how astronomical our electric bills are headed because of federal interference? Double! All of you on fixed incomes get ready. The federal government and North Carolina Public Utilities Commission are jacking the rates as high and as soon as they can. All the policies surrounding the coal ash problems were established with Public Utility Commissioners and DENR regulators appointed by democrat governors! The majority of PU Commissioners are still Democrats!

You socialists will not close down Duke Energy. Your ranting and raving will NOT [arrogantly] “save” the earth.  You may succeed in raising our electric bills. AND Duke Energy already gives more to your favorite liberal causes than all you Chatham liberals combined. (Look at the list of corporate donors to your favorite causes.)

Bullying county commissioners to take even more radical measures against “evil corporations” is NOT “good for the environment”. It is just plain suicidal. But you socialists feel safe because your retirement money keeps coming to your bank account every month. You don’t care if young people can’t get jobs and no new industry comes to Chatham County.

We don’t need more regulations in Chatham County. We need smaller, more effective government as determined by specific, measurable results. But, no. We will get more government regulations and some new environmental disaster that requires more government regulations. You want the local “power” to demand nonsense becomes “protection”.  You are deluded and silly.  Can you imagine a company like Duke Energy required to jump through hoops for every nutcase in 100 counties? You try to hold corporations to account but allow constant government failure.  Too many of you are seriously ill-Informed. Bullies. Mean-spirited bullies.

We need liberty, not tyranny. We need freedom, not oppression.