Meredith Voller may want to take her ideas somewhere else

by DeLois Popp

Pittsboro, NC – I was raised in Pittsboro and knowing some of the past legacy of its people; it is hard to believe that someone new to our town wants to come in and re-name a park after her father, who was a three year resident. Meredith Voller seems to be well traveled, and I personally think this lady should take her ideas somewhere else. (re: Randy Voller’s sister wants a Pittsboro park named after their dad)
Chatham Forest in Pittsboro, NCIt wouldn’t be bad if she wanted to name one of the streets in Chatham Forest after her dad or brother Randy; or maybe the park at Chatham Forest, as they developed this area. What has her father done to contribute to betterment of this town and its people other than develop a piece of property from which I am sure he was well financially compensated for his work and efforts? Most of the homeowners there are not even from Pittsboro (originally). I know of four original residents of Pittsboro, but there may be more; and I am sure those numbers will increase over the years.

It is not out of the realm to re-name Pittsboro’s park, but really, let’s pick a name of someone who has contributed to life, humanity, and the welfare of others in the town of Pittsboro over the years of our history. I could name several people who are very worthy of such an honor.

To name a few: I have been out of contact, but when my mom was in nursing home there is an delightful black man who would go to the nursing home helping wheelchair patients to their meals three times a day, on Fridays he prepared a activity hall for the weekly AA meetings in Pittsboro, he is often seen going around town with a box of cookies going into businesses and talking with the owners. ( I believe he was awarded the Governor’s award for volunteering one year.)

My mother often baked goods and took meals to the sick, and helped those without transportation get to the doctor, church, or grocery store; people who give their time to the young people in our town, being a big brother/sister; volunteers coaching baseball for years and years and other sports in the summer leagues.

When my son was in little league baseball, there was a great African American coach who worked for many years with the youngsters.  When he no longer could do this (or passed away), I believe his son took over. We have a couple of former mayors who could well deserve that honor (not Voller). The many volunteers who help the elderly, poor, and children at risk.

I knew Mr. Lot Voller and thought he was a very nice man; however, he should not even be considered to receive such an honor. I am sure there are many, many more past residents who are much more deserving of such an honor than a three year resident of Pittsboro.

This decision should not be made without nominations, a public hearing, and the input from the citizens of Pittsboro.