Baby boomer retirees benefit from Duke Energy

by Taylor Kish

Pittsboro, NC – I will try to answer questions with logic, truth, and common sense.  Let’s see if such can be heard and understood?

Duke Energy’s job is twofold:
1.  Provide electricity to everyone everywhere.
2.  Provide an acceptable return on investment for each investor.
(Many investors are actually retirement fund managers.)

You are a Duke Energy investor if you are a baby boomer retiree!

Duke EnergyDuke Energy has proven it can meet every requirement from the EPA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, DENR, NC Public Utilities Commission, and every other government agency. Did all those regulations prevent the coal ash spill into the Dan River?

When government agencies required coal ash be contained, no one could predict  unforeseen consequences. We all do the best we can with the information and knowledge we have. Duke Energy even tries to accommodate nutcases who make unreasonable demands based on personal political agendas, junk “science”, made-up-“truths”, and misguided intentions to “save the earth from evil corporations”.

No one speaks what everyone with common sense thinks, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

There is no evidence of anyone or anything being adversely affected by the coal ash spill into the Dan River. But lots of nutcases are afraid. Mental health professionals make money helping nutcases cope with their fears.

This post is not for the tiny number of socialist baby boomer retirees who will pass on before the consequences of their stupidity matures. This post is for the 5,000 others on the Chatham Chatlist who need to take a stand against socialism and help push back on behalf of our children and grandchildren and future generations.  Our previous generosity and tolerance of them has brought us THIS.