Randy Voller’s sister wants a Pittsboro park named after their dad

Pittsboro, NC – At the May 11, 2015 Pittsboro town commissioners’ meeting, Randy Voller’s sister, Meredith, requested that the town rename southern park after their deceased father, Lot Voller.

Meredith Voller read the following into the record:

Good evening.My name is Meredith Voller. I reside at 21 Randolph Court in Pittsboro.

Anyway, a bit about me, I have over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and events in the hospitality industry in Chicago, Portland, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and most recently Madison,Wisconsin.

In the near future, I hope to bring my skills to the fore to get a hotel approved and opened in Pittsboro. (Establishes credibility)

I’m a city girl but I’ve moved to Pittsboro because of the community that my father and brother helped nurture with their work starting in1995. I’m happy to be here and am looking forward to being a part of the exciting future that’s ahead.

To that end, I’m here tonight to humbly request that the Town of Pittsboro institute a program to honor citizens who have contributed to the welfare, livability, and public good of Pittsboro and the greater community.

Pittsboro Southern ParkI respectfully ask that the Town of Pittsboro create honorary names for some of its streets, greenways and public places to reflect the rich heritage of its people. If the Town is willing to create such a program, I ask that the Southern Park have an honorary name as well: L. A. Voller Park.

My now deceased father, L.A. Voller or as many knew him, Lot Voller passed three years ago almost to the date of this request. Dad was a worldly man, yet he chose to make Pittsboro, North Carolina his last home and resting place.

Dad loved the community. He voluntarily worked on local boards and supported many of you.

He especially loved the park south of town. He’d walk his dog there nearly every day. When we’d visit him, he’d take us and “Sugar” to Southern Park to walk with him. His pride in the park and his enjoyment of his time there was obvious.

Since I am now living in Pittsboro, I’d like to help create such a committee/program to honor our beloved citizens.