New resident wants golf carts buzzing around Pittsboro traffic circle

Pittsboro, NC – In the May 11, 2015 Pittsboro Town commission meeting, new Pittsboro resident Casey Mann requested that the town allow golf carts to be driven in and around Pittsboro. Casey Mann is also the former executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party under the failed chairmanship of Randy Voller.

Casey Mann read the following into the record:
Golf CartsGood evening, Mayor Terry, Mayor Pro-Tem Baldwin, and the town board of Pittsboro.My name is Casey Mann. I reside at 185 Toomer Loop in the Town of Pittsboro.I come before you today to request Town that the Town of Pittsboro implement an ordinance that would allow golf carts to be driven in and around town under reasonable circumstances.

Now you may wonder if this is allowed, however; North Carolina General Statute §160A-300.6 authorizes a municipality, by ordinance, to regulate
the operation of golf carts on any public street, road, or highway where the speed limit is 35 mph or less within its municipal limits or on property owned or controlled by the city.

Tonight I have a model ordinance for your review that I requested from former Mayor Randy Voller. I believe that he obtained his copy from your talented and wise attorney, Paul Messick.

In any case, I am interested in this legislation because of my own personal circumstances.

Casey MannI nearly died in an automobile accident in my early twenties. I was brought back to life and put back together thanks to the marvels of modern surgery and plenty of metal.I cannot walk great distances on concrete and I do not want to drive my car for every trip in town. This ordinance would allow me the capacity to pick up groceries and the necessities of life around town while engaging with my community without driving my car.

I have a draft copy for your review and I respectfully request that you hold a public hearing on the topic and implement the ordinance.

I appreciate your time and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

After discussion the town board asked that the Town Manager and Police Chief look into this and bring it back to the board after the budget process is complete – maybe sometime in August.