Fix-836 (How to repair NC’s R-I-D loophole)

Raleigh, NC – The purpose of this article is to delineate, one step at a time, the provisions of HB 836 that open the door to enterprise-level vote fraud. The Reasonable Impediment Declaration (or Determination or R-I-D for short) law that enables voting by people with last-minute problems obtaining their ID. The North Carolina Voter Integrity Project (VIP-NC) fully supports the underlying concept, but we also believe in an old maxim: Trust but Verify“Trust, but verify.”

This article pulls together all of our relevant findings so that, you, the informed citizen, can discern the details of this bill that need to be fixed. You can click on each “Reason” (below) to see the details on a certain problem and our proposed way to fix it.


The North Carolina Voter Integrity Project (VIP-NC) sounded the alarm on this bill soon after it was rushed through both NCGA chambers and sent to the Governor. Some of VIP-NC’s initial rhetoric was harsh, but VIP-NC stands by the underlying facts. Later, VIP-NC pulled up their sleeves to figure out how to “unscrew” the rushed legislation.

Below are VIP’s relevant links.

See the actual bill, by clicking here (scroll down to page 6)

Our original alarm message on HB 836

Our first “Intel Response” on HB 836 (Explaining and accepting the need for emergency legislation)

Charlotte Observer Editorial (confirming VIP position that HB 836 killed voter ID in NC)

Reason One – The law should equip election boards for validating the RID voter.

Reason Two – Using the DOB & SSN-4 are optional, but should be mandatory.

Reason three – The fake ID known as “HAVA ID”

Reason four – The false assurance of a sworn affidavit.