Chatham liberal thinks believing in God and the Constitution is right wing radical extremism

by Gina Dye

Pittsboro, NC – Wow! Mary Phyllis Horn has taken my words in my Chatham Chatlist post and put all kinds of inferences in them! I never said “no government” was the solution, I never said anarchy is the answer.

God and the U.S. ConstitutionI pointed out the forefathers because they understood limited government. They understood the dangers of governments being too large and too powerful!  I do agree in one sense that it is people that are the problem but not just people that are in power but rather all  people. I think the ills of this world have everything to do with the condition of human hearts.

People have eliminated God from the public square and from their lives, and brought in their own interpretations of “god” – making anything they worship acceptable. Society cannot be fixed by changing governments, the global climate, or any other environmental icon you can think of. It will only be if hearts are truly changed to worship the One True God.

Mary Phyllis, I am happy to say that I will take my “reality” over yours any day. It is not Right Wing Radical extremism as you call it, but Constitutionalism. Too bad you can’t see that, but I will pray for your eyes to be opened.

Oh,as for all you liberals that cry out every time you feel one of you  is attacked personally when they post on the Chatham Chatlist, please take note. Here is one of your own demonstrating who it is that really attacks someone that doesn’t think the same way as they do!

From the June 22 Chatham Chatlist –

Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2015 22:20:57 -0400
From: Mary Phyllis Horn
Subject: Gina Dye’s view

Gina – In your posting on Saturday the 20th, you blame “more government” as a cause for all of our country’s ills. That is a fallacy and an extremist view. You’re essentially saying that “less government” should continue to be less and less and less until there is no governance at all. No governance produces anarchy. Are you really meaning that anyone should be able to do anything they want to do, regardless of how it hurts anyone else? Are you really saying that anyone has the right to enter a church or stand on a street and gun down anyone they want to? There are rules in our world religions that warn us against such unbridled emotions and attitudes. Your “less government” diatribe would say that we should do away with those rules. There are laws in our governments that warn us against killing, yet your “less government” diatribe would say to do away with those laws and regulations.

Gina – It’s not less nor more government that’s the problem these days. It’s the attitudes of humans in a place of power – whether in government or in corporations or in possession of huge amounts of money – that determines right outcome or wrong outcome. It’s the humans who are concerned only with their own greed and power-mongering who don’t want to be controlled and don’t want ANY governance. Our current county board of commissioners are doing everything they can to bring us back to a place of reason: to guard our environment, our water, our air, our soil, our children’s education so that our civilization will be sustained for generations yet to come.

Gina – You conveniently forget that those who fought for freedom in the 1700s also set up a constitution of government. Safeguards within that constitution are now being whittled away and disregarded at a frighteningly rapid pace. It is not the government that takes more and more power. It’s the misguided and greed-consumed people within it who are doing that. There are also many people in our county government now who are doing the right thing for ALL of us and not for the money-hungry few. People in places of power who act with good conscience and right ethics would use lottery money strictly for the schools and gas taxes to repair roads. People in power who want to keep the money for themselves and don’t care about educating our people and keeping our roads in good shape have misused those funds. It is people within government that make the difference for all of us, whether good or ill.

Gina – Get off your Radical Right band-wagon of “government is bad” extremism. Look at reality.