So thankful that Chatham commissioners are protecting us from coal ash dump

by Mary Phyllis Horn

Pittsboro, NC – Thank you, Debra Henzey, for your very clear and thorough report of the Chatham Commissioners Board wonderful breakthroughs in protecting us.  And volumes of thanks and gratitude to the county commissioners for all their thorough work to get Duke Energy and Chara et al to be sure we are protected against the coal ash dump in the mine at Moncure.  That is a huge sigh of relief that you have found a way around the state’s lack of oversight.

And volumes of thanks and gratitude as well to the county commissioners for their significant improvement in spending support of our county schools and improvement in supporting the arts/creativity.  All of that has been much needed. Creative expressions goes way beyond schooling in the creative arts. The creative arts develops parts of the brain that allow a person to think creatively in all areas of life.

And many many thanks and gratitude for extending the Chatham Transit to take up the slack that the bus line can’t.

Brava/Bravo to the commissioners and the county officials for being so caring for our well-being on all levels.  Much gratitude for each and every one of them and for all of the wonderful work they are doing for our county!  Bravissima! Bravissimo!