Sadly disappointed in our Pittsboro Habitat ReStore

By Susan Turner

Pittsboro, NC – Having so enjoyed the eclectic and necessaries found at our Pittsboro Habitat ReStore for years, I found out something today that disturbs me greatly.  Over the last several years they have been “letting go” of several floor employees because of budget concerns. These people are ardent, loyal, helpful, extremely hard workers. Ironically they are replaced by new workers.

Pittsboro Habitat ReStoreToday I was told our most favorite reliable worker Laurie was let go around two weeks ago. She had been there over seven years. Before that it was suddenly Howard, who has now been the pillar of our PTAs.

I have been noticing their personnel changes and also that each time the tenor. Displays and friendliness have deteriorated. Yes. There are bargains. Fun things. But if the management cannot provide loyalty to their employees, aren’t they missing the very point of their purpose. I wonder what I could do to stop this thankless propensity of dropping competent loyal workers that everyone become friends with.

I’m very upset about this. And I wonder what chance I could have to stop this. My young cousin is director of habitat headquarters in Atlanta.  I will be notifying him. He works beside Jimmy Carter. And I’m sure President Carter wouldn’t want this. Just throwing this out there.

I’m so sad for Lourie.