Where are you, Earl of Chatham?

Pittsboro, NC – In April of 1771 Chatham County was established and named for the Earl of Chatham who was a “Defender of American Rights in the British Parliament.” We need him now.

Earl of ChathamThe newly appointed Chatham County Planning Board is continuing their agenda “mandated by the Democrat majority on the County Board” to take away our American rights to personnel property. These Democrat appointed “Hand Puppets” of the commissioners are pushing forward mandating zoning of the free people’s property in our county.

For hundreds of years these homesteaders and small business Americans, have respected their properties, the environment, raising families and have been good productive citizens. Now under orders from the County Democrat Commissioners and with a strict time table “weeks and maybe months” they want the erase the history of individual property rights, and change them without public input or a ballot vote.

Every property owner and citizen “Democrat, Republican, Independent, or other” should take notice of this power grab. These “want to be Kings” will take away our property rights. Rights we fought for as Americans and are proud of it.

This time property rights under attack. What Next?  Contact the County Commissioners and/or attend the next planning board meeting and express you concerns.

God Bless America.

Jeff Meredith, Pittsboro