Day: December 14, 2014

Board of Elections regular meeting rescheduled

The Chatham County Board of Elections meeting – regularly held on the third Tuesday of each month has been rescheduled for the month of December. The regular meeting has been rescheduled to Friday, December 19th at 11 am.

State of the birds

I think Catherine did an outstanding job of pointing out that the birds are about, perhaps just not at your feeders. And that it may be for good reasons. Just a couple more points: I have often been asked about the absence of something that I hadn’t no…

Six martial artists awarded black belts

Rachel Spoon of Pittsboro was awarded a third-degree black belt and five other students received first-degree black belts from South Eastern Karate Association when the school held its quarterly examinations earlier this fall. Belts and certificates we…

Feeling disenfranchised

This Labor Day, as my husband and I were driving by the McDonald’s on Lowe’s Drive in Pittsboro, we noticed that the American flag flying in front of the store was wrapped around the flagpole, as it had been for several days. I decided to call them to ask them to fix it. The store manager (whom I asked for) answered the telephone. I asked him if someone could fix the flag that was wrapped around the pole. He did not understand what I was saying, as apparently, he did not comprehend and speak English well enough to understand, “would you please have someone go out and untangle the American flag that is wrapped around your flagpole.”

D.O.T’s shabby highway mowing

I watched highway 64 being built. Five nerve jangling years of digging, pushing, pulling, honking, burning, leveling, measuring and messing about. All for the perfect highway . Natural hills and slopes were cut away and replaced with ‘more perfect’ man…