Day: December 10, 2013

Sprint sinks to the bottom of latest Consumer Reports cell-phone service ratings

Sprint is now the lowest-Rated carrier in Consumer Reports’ latest annual cell-phone service Ratings, based on a survey of 58,399 subscribers by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. While it trailed only Verizon in overall customer satisfaction among the major carriers in last year’s ratings, Sprint received dismal marks this year for value, voice, text and 4G reliability.

Where is Waldo? Where is Wolfe?

Do people in North Carolina remember Thomas Wolfe, their once famous son, author of “Look Homeward Angel,” whose books helped many of us get through the transformation from childhood to adulthood and opened the door to an appreciation of fine writing? Do his words still inspire new writers to open their mental guts and spill out their words and stories?

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Chatham Park is already our future

One can put land into a conservation easement or one can use the land he or she owns as one wishes, within the restrictions of local zoning or lack of zoning. It is apparent that the previous owners of each parcel of the land now owned by Chatham Park …

Charity Park, NOT Chaps Park

While trails and horse stables sound oh so elegent (albeit environment impactful with trail erosion, horse manure pathogens and nitrogen, and nasty carbon footprint from affluent visitors pulling horse trailers), what happened to sensitivity to the nee…