Month: July 2013

Rosemary Wicker named Bennett postmaster

Rosemary Wicker has officially been named Postmaster of Bennett. She replaces Debbie Younger, who was promoted last year to Postmaster of Alamance. Wicker will be sworn in at an installation ceremony at the Bennett Fire Department, 55 E. Raleigh St., o…

‘Moron Monday’ Remarks Way Off Base

Several weeks ago I penned a column where I referred to the weekly protests by political leftists at the General Assembly as “Moron Monday.” I was completely off base and now realize my mistake. With the latest revelations from the Civitas Institute, I should have referred to the demonstrations as “Money Monday.” Researchers at Civitas have spent many weeks compiling flowcharts and tracing money flows not only to Reverend William Barber’s groups (receiving over $1 million a year from state coffers), but also to allied organizations that have raked in $100+ million from the North Carolina Treasury in the last few years.