Month: June 2013

Former Chatham Coalition leader Jeff Starkweather opens a bottle of whine

I have been extremely fortunate to have served the people of this county for last seven and half years as a board member of the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation.

ACC Digital Network To Host NBA Draft Party Tonight

Follow the ACC in the NBA Draft with the ACC Digital Network. Our host Jeff Fischel, along with former player Julius Hodge and the David Glenn Show will reporting Live from Raleigh, NC at our Draft Party. Former ACC great, Mike Gminski will also be rep…

Two Jordan-Matthews students make anti-prayer pleas

At the June 3 Chatham County school board meeting chairman David Hamm asked if anyone wished to make public comments at the meeting. Two Jordan-Matthews high school students, Michael Thorpe and Luis Lucas-Tzun, make public statements against saying a p…

Some people would say Ms. Hales is lying for political advantage

Ms. Hales describes how the nominations for the Chatham Economic Development Corporations (EDC)occurred during the Board of Commissioners’ meeting and wrote, quote: “Bock said he *couldn’t vote for an artist* ” Notice the use of stars in her summary instead of the traditional quotation marks. I believe Ms. Hales uses this notation purposely when attributing a quote to someone that did not occur.

ShopSmart’s secrets for sunburn relief

There’s no cure for a sunburn, but there are ways to minimize the misery. The July 2013 issue of ShopSmart magazine, from Consumer Reports, highlights effective treatments that can help heal after a sunburn and identifies products to avoid when scorched by the sun.