Day: May 29, 2013

Consumer Reports mattress ratings – Get a good night’s sleep for less than $1,000

Getting a good night’s rest doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Consumer Reports’ most comprehensive test of mattresses found models that performed well and cost under $1,000. The full report, which includes detailed buying advice and Ratings of 12 mattresses, plus 10 ways to get more shuteye and what to ask before buying, is available in the May 2013 issue of the magazine and online at

Celebrating the end of the Charlotte curse

What is one thing we can do for Charlotte now that that former Mayor Pat McCrory has been elected governor of North Carolina and his successor, Anthony Foxx, has been nominated for U.S Secretary of Transportation? We can stop referring to the Charlotte mayor’s job as a dead end or curse for politicians aspiring to statewide or national office.

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