Day: February 15, 2011

St. Bartholomew’s Church appoints new rector

St. Bartholomew’s Church of Pittsboro announces the appointment of our new rector, Father Wilberforce Mundia.
Fr. Mundia is a native of Kenya and now a permanent resident in the USA. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Oak Hill College, in London, a mas…

Most effective high schools have 600 to 900 students

I agree with Meg Miller that we should work to improve all our high schools so that every child has an equal opportunity to receive the education they need to compete for a good paying job and a quality life. I also believe that excellent schools make …

Don’t use your lawyereze to twist my words

Jeffery Starkweather, I never asserted, insinuated, inferred or suggested that Jordan Matthews or Chatham Central were inferior because of their size or any other factors. Don’t use your lawyereze to twist my words.