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Wearing a face mask only requires having a minimal concern for other people

by John Dykers M.D. Siler City, NC – Chatham Connecting posted on the May 7 Chatham Chatlist about “some experts” recommending wearing face masks in public. The recommendation about wearing a face mask in public does not require any expertise.…


On the Chatham Chatlist we chat about chatting

Chat Button

by N.A. Booko Subject: Chatting Pittsboro, NC – On the Chatham Chatlist we chat about chatting. We chat about those who have chatted, should have chatted and those that won’t chat. Some chats have ratted on chatters. Many chats don’t…

Best of Chatham County survey returns

Best of Chatham County

by Gene Galin Pittsboro, NC – The popular Best of Chatham County has returned. You can access the survey immediately at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2015bestofchatham Folks are welcome to share the survey URL and encourage their family, friends and neighbors to vote for…