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Wearing a black doctor’s white coat

Black Man in a White Coat

by D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – “Why do black people suffer more health problems than other groups? What do these challenges mean in their everyday lives? How do their struggles play out before a largely white medical community? How…

One On One: Trump and Buncombe

Senator Robert Rice Reynolds of North Carolina

by D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – Would North Carolinians ever vote to elect Donald Trump or somebody like him? We did once. When we did, we proved that North Carolinians, like voters across America, can be attracted to tough-talking…

One on One: The biggest news for me

Fresh Peaches

By D.G. Martin Chapel Hill, NC – The biggest news for me this year? Not ISIS, not Obamacare, not gay marriage, and not even the earth-shaking tragedy in Charleston. This year’s big news is that there are no more peaches…