Is it that bad?

Why do we read books? For entertainment, of course, first and foremost. But the best books also challenge us emotionally and intellectually to see the world in a different way, as it really is, or as it once was, as it could be, or, perhaps, as it will…

Chatham leads way by getting out of way

As our local government budget sessions ended, there was a lot of hand wringing in Orange County and Chapel Hill about our fiscal future. Savings are being depleted. Education needs more funding. Capital improvements to government buildings and schools are being deferred. Property taxes are being increased with the prospect of higher rates to come. It’s beginning to look like past policies put us on an unsustainable path. We need more revenues. To that end Orange County is finally adding infrastructure to some of its economic development districts and Chapel Hill has approved redevelopment plans for Glen Lennox and the commercial areas around Eastgate.

Why the State should sell Jennette’s pier

The NC House budget included a provision for the state to sell the controversial Jennette’s pier located in Nags Head. The pier opened three years ago after the 2009 legislature approved $25 million to fund its construction. House legislators say this move could generate revenue for the state to help other priorities – including the Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Selling the pier is a good idea, and Civitas applauds efforts for the state government to sell off its non-essential assets.

No property tax rate increase is good news for Chatham County

We passed the 2014-2015 budget on Tuesday night, May 20. The theme of this year’s budget is ‘Working together is success”. By working together with our departments, the school administration, the Sheriff’s department, the Community College, and others we were able to fund the county’s priorities without an increase in the property tax rate for the 4th consecutive budget year. Helping make that possible is an economic recovery better than the State or national average. Our unemployment rate is consistently lower than the state average. Our sales tax revenue is growing at almost double the statewide rate. Companies have invested another $100 million in new capital in Chatham already this year. The rating agencies recently affirmed our AA+ bond rating with Moody’s giving us a favorable outlook that could lead to an upgrade in the near future.

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