Jim Duncan suspends his 2nd district campaign

by Jim Duncan

Pittsboro, NC – With a heavy heart I am suspending my campaign. I have analyzed the opportunities in a number of newly drawn districts and have determined that the new congressional districts do not meet the initial criteria when I decided to run nearly a year and half ago. In light of this I am still committed to a brighter future for our party. This decision was not easy, after building a team, creating alliances, and earning endorsements from national conservative organizations. Our campaign was successful, and we were on a clear path to victory.

Jim Duncan in PittsboroOver the last 18 months, I have knocked on doors, spoken at meetings, met with farmers, and attended events around the Second District.  The warm reception I received filled my heart with joy. I’ve heard the people’s concerns as I pursued the honor of their votes, and have advocated in favor of liberty from an overreaching government, which plays politics with our lives. I’ve spoken out for the unborn, for our military, and for our rights as a sovereign nation to protect our borders. Our team and thousands of supporters have been committed to a better future for our country. I am truly the most fortunate candidate to have ever run. The Second District is an informed electorate with a great passion for freedom, and I’m so thankful for all of the patriots I’ve come to know in this campaign. We have stood tall in the face of a great challenge.

Although I adamantly disagree with the court’s decision, I will respect the rule of law, move forward with determination, and focus on the unity of our nation. What disturbs me the most in this unprecedented decision is that valid votes have been discarded and the will of the people has been ignored, including those of veterans and service members whom fought to protect this fundamental right.

Throughout my life I have known success and what it means to build an organization. I could not be more proud of my team, which has stood behind me in pursuit of this congressional seat. The memories of this honor will last with my wife, Betsy forever and me.

When I started our campaign, I pledged to serve and fight for conservative values and principles. An overreaching judiciary has not changed my purpose, nor I am going away. I will continue to serve and fight for those who preceded us, and for the future of our children and grandchildren. Like you, I am sometimes haunted by the kind of country we are leaving future generations. Fifty or a hundred years from now what will Americans say about us?  Will they be disappointed that we abandoned free enterprise and the protection of individual and religious freedoms?  Or, will they look to us as the people who stood up and made the necessary sacrifices for them as previous generations have made for us?

This is the time for those who supported our campaign to remember that there is no substitution for freedom and victory.

We aren’t done fighting for our principles and values.